SC-Series centrifugal compressor for air & gas applications

Powered by integral gear technology, our SC-Series centrifugal compressors can be customized to meet your specific application needs with API compliance. Drawing from an expansive selection of shaft seals and pinion gearbox design configurations (up to three high-speed pinions on one gearbox), these integrally geared compressors boost your productivity in a variety of air and process gas applications.

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Built to match API specs

Atlas Copco has decades of experience in designing and building integrally geared centrifugal compressors in close adherence to API specifications. Ask about available options in line with API-672 and API-617; and oil systems according to API 614

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Full process control with variable inlet guide vanes (IGV)

Our variable inlet guide vanes (IGV) ensure optimal flow rates and pressure control even when your onsite conditions vary from their design point. We offer control methods such as inlet throttling, variable diffuser guide vanes, and variable speed

Easy shipment and installation

Packaging and installation couldn’t be easier: the compressor, driver, lubrication system, controls and instrumentation are completely factory-packaged on a common base. Connection of utilities and system piping at your site is normally all that is required to complete installation – fast and cost-efficient.

Technical description SC-Series centrifugal compressor

Powered by integral gear technology, the industry’s most efficient and compact mechanical drive design, our SC-Series centrifugal compressors handle

  • flow volumes up to 155 000 m3/h
  • at suction temperatures ranging from -50 ºC/-58 ºF to 200 ºC/392 ºF
  • and maximum discharge pressure up to 100 bar

They are flexible enough to accommodate variations in process conditions, and that’s thanks to variable inlet guide vanes (IGV). They handle all gases (LPG, nitrogen, natural gas, oxygen etc.) and deliver oil-free compressed air over a long service life.

Efficient operation, minimal maintenance

With thousands of references worldwide, our SC-Series centrifugal compressors boost productivity in a variety of air and process gas applications. Built to meet stringent API 617 standards, you can order our integrally geared compressors in various configurations to meet your specific process. Atlas Copco’s engineering expertise and the adherence to extensive quality assurance measures – certified to ISO 9001 standards – allows us to produce process-quality centrifugal compressors that offer efficient operation, minimal maintenance and a wide spectrum of applications.

A wide range of air and gas applications

Air and gas applications we cover for you:

  • hydrocarbon processes
  • hydrogen compression
  • natural gas processing
  • fuel gas boosting
  • pulp and paper production
  • desulphurization
  • air separation
  • oxygen production
  • petroleum refining
  • wastewater treatment

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Technical product specifications

Performance data

Maximum suction pressure

70 bar(a)

Maximum discharge pressure

100 bar(a)

Suction temperature

-50 °C - 200 °C

Effective inlet flow range

250 m³/h - 155,000 m³/h

Stages (min./max)

1 - 1

Seal Types

labyrinth, carbon ring, dry-gas seal

Power requirement HP

8,500 HP