TP-Series centrifugal compressor for air & gas applications

Providing reliable performance in thousands of applications across the globe, our TP-Series centrifugal air and gas compressors offer you maximum productivity. Choose your own process-engineered compressor variations from an expansive selection of shaft seals and pinion gearbox design configurations (up to three high speed pinions on gearbox), delivered in a powerful package with integral gear technology and API compliance.

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Easy shipment and installation

Offering you the most time-efficient and compact delivery possible, the compressor, driver, lubrication system, controls and instrumentation are completely factory-packaged on a common base. Connection of utilities and system piping at your site is normally all that is required to complete installation in a fast and cost-efficient way

Customized industrial compressor

To ensure that each compressor is exactly right for your application, we’ve assembled dedicated application and engineering management teams with long-standing, specialized experience in your industry. They draw from numerous casing, shaft seal, and gearbox configurations to build you the ultimate productivity-boosting compressor

Built to API specs

Atlas Copco offers you several decades of experience in designing and building integrally geared centrifugal compressors in close adherence to API specifications. Ask about available options in line with API-672 and API-617; and oil systems according to API 614

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Precision-balanced rotor assembly for smooth operation

A smooth process with low vibration and reduced wear-and-tear means a long service life for your turbomachinery. That’s why the TP-Series rotor assemblies combine precisely matched and balanced pinion shaft, high-speed gear and impeller

Best efficiency possible

As the industry’s most efficient and compact gear design, integral gear technology delivers multiple-speed capability that allows each compression stage to run at the optimum speed, giving you the best efficiency possible

Technical description TP-Series centrifugal compressor

Available in a full range of customized and standardized products, our TP-Series centrifugal compressors deliver cost-effective, sustainable service in facilities all over the world. Boosting your productivity in a broad scope of ranges, the TP-Series handles

  • flow volumes up to 155 000 m3/h
  • at suction temperatures ranging from -50 ºC/-40 ºF to 200 ºC/392 ºF
  • and delivers a maximum discharge pressure of 100 bar

Handling all gases

They handle all gases (LPG, nitrogen, natural gas, oxygen, etc.), and avoid contamination through their oil-free design. Designed with integral gear technology, the industry’s most efficient and compact mechanical drive design, TP-Series gas compressors allow each compression stage to run at the optimal speed. For added flexibility, adjustable inlet guide vanes (IGVs) offer a wide operating range and excellent partial load performance.

What’s more, you may choose your TP-Series compressor from various configurations to meet your specific process needs, in compliance with stringent API 617 standards.

At home in many air and gas applications

Their versatility and efficiency have made TP-Series centrifugal compressors a trusted choice in fields such as:

  • power generation (fuel gas boosting)
  • hydrocarbon processes
  • hydrogen compression
  • gas processing
  • pulp and paper production
  • desulphurization
  • oxygen production
  • air separation

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Technical product specifications

Performance data

Maximum suction pressure

50 bar(a)

Maximum discharge pressure

100 bar(a)

Suction temperature

-40 °C - 200 °C

Effective inlet flow range

250 m³/h - 65,000 m³/h

Stages (min./max)

2 - 6

Seal Types

labyrinth, carbon ring, dry-gas seal

Power requirement HP

15,000 HP