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Take control of your compressed air systems

Atlas Copco offers a wide selection of control systems in order to ensure optimum operation of your compressed air installation.

Compressed air is a costly utility and can account for as much as 30% of the total energy consumption of an industrial facility. In order to be in complete control of your operational costs you need to be in control of your compressed air usage. We have all the tools and systems you need to be in control of your compressed air system.

AIRScan audit

In order to improve the efficiency of your compressed air installation, you have to be aware of its existing performance. We can help you with this analysis by providing a site specific survey to define all critical compressed air parameters such as flow rate, pressure, dewpoint, unit utilisation and energy consumption. We are also able to find out leakages from your compressed air system and document them for easy elimination. In a typical compressed air system 15-30% of the system capacity is lost in leakages and it is therefore critical to locate and eliminate the leakages before moving on with other system improvements.

Energy Saver Central Controller

In a multiple unit installation the optimum compressed air system performance can become a challenge. This can be improved with a proper type of overhead controller looking after the system set point and defining the best available equipment to be utilised for the best possible system efficiency. We have suitable central controllers available for all different type and size of compressed air systems. Site specific conditions, compressed air equipment and operational requirements are always carefully evaluated before selecting the best suitable central controller for the application.

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