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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Atlas Copco is constantly growing and developing our offerings for vacuum systems and vacuum pumps offered to the market. As part of our line-up of vacuum pumps we offer plug and play modules or engineered liquid ring vacuum pumps.

As part of our focus on vacuum pumps and vacuum solutions, the Atlas Copco liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed for complex duty applications in a number of configurations. They are suitable for once through, partial recirculation or total recovery applications. The Liquid ring vacuum pumps are delivered either as plug and play modules or engineered to suit your application requirements.

Vacuum Pump to meet your requirements

The AW liquid ring vacuum pump are available in either single (AWS) or two stage pumps (AWS) and has a capacity of 170-37500 m³/h deliver vacuum levels down to 30mbar(a).

Our liquid ring vacuum pumps are ideal for specific, humid, dirty and/or large applications in heavy industries. The AWS and AWD liquid ring vacuum pumps are the workhorses of your operation. The design of the Atlas Copco liquid ring vacuum pump is strong, reliable, proven and simple in design that deliver utility and process vacuum.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for many industries

The Atlas Copco liquid ring vacuum pump is suitable for a number of applications including: Mining, Brick extrusion, Automotive industry, Cement and allied products, Chemical industries, Food processing, General manufacturing, Metalwork industries, Paper and allied products, Petroleum industries, Oil and gas, Plastics, Textile industry and power and utilities.

Learn more about vacuum systems

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