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Oil free air compressors

Atlas Copco has always been a pioneer in the development of Oil-free air compressor technologies. Our Oil-free air compressors and blowers are certified ISO Class 0 and the perfect solution for applications that require the assurance that the compressed air used in the process is free from oil that can contaminate the end-product. Our oil free air compressors and blowers produces compressed air in such a way that the compressed air does not come into contact with any oil during the compression process and hance producing 100% oil-free compressed air.

Oil-free compressed air for all industries

Oil-free compressed air is very important in many industries, as contamination of the end-product cannot be accepted. Food and beverage manufactures are one of many industries that uses compressed air in their manufacturing process and compressed air touches the food product that is finally consumed. The best way for the food producers to ensure they eliminate the risk of contamination of oil from the compressed air they use is to use oil free air compressors from Atlas Copco.

The waste water industry is also an industry that uses oil free compressed air to aerate the waste water in order to recycle the water. Atlas Copco oil free blowers are the perfect solution for this requirement.

Big range of Oil-free air compressors and bowers

Being a leading supplier in air compressor development Atlas Copco has a large range of oil free air compressor and blower options to suit any sized business and application, as well as Australia wide onsite service for air compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps. So regardless of your application we can offer an oil free air compressor or blower suit your needs. Our oil-free are all certified 100% oil free compressed air and we are the only compressor manufacture with ISO 22000 certification. Call us today on 1800 200 0030 to learn more about our oil free air compressors and blowers, or complete the form below to learn more.

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