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VSD Compressor – What is it?

Atlas Copco VSD compressors have been bringing energy savings to businesses for over 20 years.

Compressed air, vacuum and industrial gases such as nitrogen can help enhance the product quality, extend the shelf life and also ensures food safety compliance. At Atlas Copco Compressors, we have the right equipment for your application, which can help your productivity and competitiveness.

Traditional compressors working with a full load, no load control operate between two set pressure points. When maximum pressure is reached the compressor goes off load. During periods of medium to low air demand, the no load power consumption can be excessive and waste large amounts of energy. With VSD technology there is no unnecessary power generated, and therefore an energy reduction of 35% or more can be achieved. Life cycle costs of the compressor can be reduced by an average of 22%. In general, the extra cost of a VSD compressor compared to a fixed speed one can be earned back after just one to two years.

Energy Savings

VSD technology closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. This result in large energy savings of up to 35%, in addition, lowered system pressure with VSD minimizes energy use across your production dramatically.

We are never satisfied with the status-quo and we have ever since 1994 when we pioneered VSD technology kept developing the technology. Today Atlas Copco is the only compressor company to offer VSD+ technology for compressors. Our VSD+ can reduce the energy consumption of a compressor by as much as 50%, this energy saving will over the lifetime of a compressor add up to a considerable amount of saved energy.

NEOS - our own drive

We here at Atlas Copco are proud to be the only compressor company to offer its own drive for compressors. With our NEOS drive we are able to offer our customers a drive that is built uniquely for compressors applications. Our NEOS drive is built to withstand the environment that compressors work and operate in. No other compressor company can offer what we here at Atlas Copco can offer with our VSD+ and our own NEOS drive.

Learn more about VSD+ and NEOS drive

Want to know more about VSD technology and how it can save you energy? Contact use on 1800 200 0030 or fill in the form below and we can find you the right VSD compressor for your operations and we can establish how much you could save on energy usage.

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