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EP371B: Pneumatic external vibrators

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Suitable for all concrete mixers on civil engineering sites and in precast factories. One single moving part improves the possibilities for trouble-free operation. No periodic maintenance required. The integrated noise reducer makes these vibrators very quiet. Available with quick-release brackets (optional) allowing to move them from one form to another during the concrete curing time for improved efficiency,

Features & benefits

  • *Iron casted body
  • Reliable lamella principle
  • Bearingless rotor
  • Noise reducer
  • Speed adjustable with pressure


  • High, medium & low slump concrete - precast - walls - columns - forms

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Centrifugal force26800 N
Air consumption1400 l/min
Frequency (vpm)9350
Weight16.5 kg
Suitable mounting bracketVT4
Vibration typeTurbine2
Amplitude1.7 mm
Noise level95 dB(A)
Suitable drive unitAir compressor

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1800 200 0030

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